Formal Champagne Engagement Session in Lexington

“Can you at least tell me if I need to put all my stuff in 3.4 oz bottles in a Ziploc bag?”

That’s what made me laugh the most about Tawny and Matt’s engagement story. He flew in her family and had planned an airport proposal with their help. Matt told her that they were going on a surprise trip, so she packed her bags and kept asking what kind of weather she should pack for, how many days, and he would give her vague answers. Finally, the question about if they were flying. He hesitated and, as all women know, flying-while-female requires a little advance notice since you have to put everything you use on a daily basis into tiny bottles and somehow cram it into a quart-sized bag.

And then get the bag to actually close.

Yes, he told her, we’re going to the airport. So, things went into tiny bottles and tiny bottles were crammed into bags and off they went.

But of course, once they got there, they headed for short-term parking. Naturally, she was perplexed. He confessed… but only a little bit. He told her that the surprise was that he flew her dad and stepmom in for the weekend…

But, inside, her dad (an incredible artist) had made custom paintings that when put in the correct order, helped pop the question.

So, here’s the thing about Matt and Tawny that I love: in the short time that I’ve known them, I’ve discovered that they’re fundamentally awesome people. When our first session was rained out, I proposed a sunrise session (full disclosure: I’m not a morning person but will always make an exception for photos).

That didn’t work.


Because Matt volunteers with an overnight homeless shelter and wouldn’t be done until 9 AM. As if I didn’t adore these two enough already, that kind of sealed the deal. I was counting down the days to their session because I had a feeling it was going to be nothing short of stunning (I sent them my style suggestions and just knew they’d knock it out of the park). The day FINALLY came and it wasn’t raining! But... it was pretty cold.

Ok, it was really cold.

Although you know what? These guys freaking rocked it. Like absolute pros. They were just as good if not better than the models I’ve shot in very uncomfortable temperatures.

They snuggled, they nuzzled, they laughed, and they had me cracking up, too. And, this was a first, at the end of the session they gave me a thank you gift. What?!? That’s my job! The perfect pair of sparkly earrings… I’ve worn them 3 times already this week!

So, Matt and Tawny, thank you two so much for being such kind, incredible people. Thank you for braving the cold, having impeccable style, and taking on the adventure of a February photo session. If your friends and family are even half as awesome as you two, your wedding day is going to be wonderful and filled to the brim with joy and laughter. Although I’m extremely bummed I’m not available for your date, you’re in great hands and I cannot wait to see the photos!